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May Her Memory Be For A Revolution

[Adapted from something I wrote on social media, because I was thinking of how not to despair and how to inspire mourning in the spirit of Jewish tradition.] Shana Tovah. And may RBG's memory be for a revolution.

Here are some musings on what I think we can do to make that so. RBG voted, but she devoted her life to political action far beyond voting. So let's vote, but let's also organize in our communities. Let's meet people who live around us and figure out what we can do together to fight injustice where we see it and hold people in positions of power accountable. Let's ask politicians to be accountable at local and national levels, and not let even ones we adore get away with decisions that harm those of us who are vulnerable. Let's speak truth to power and let's not imagine that civic engagement is just filling in a bubble on some paper and that's it, or invest in the idea that all political power comes from the state; it comes from us too. Let's be highly critical of our murderous and racist criminal justice system, and not just social media (as I post on the Internet and on social media). RBG wasn't perfect, but she gave so much of herself to the things she cared about. In the year 5781, I'm going to commit to doing the same, and I hope you will join me, however that looks for you.


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